An Infrared Heater is a high temperature body that transfers energy to a low temperature body through electromagnetic radiation, without any medium of contact between the two bodies. There are different factors that one has to consider for using the infrared heater of which wavelengths are one of the important factors. The wavelength of the radiation usually varies from 780nm to 1mm, but the useful range of the wave length falls within 0.7nm to 10 mm. The infrared heater is highly in demand now days as these appliances are cost effective, save energy and are easy to use.

As the name suggests an Infrared heaters are the heating appliances that convert heat to transfer the energy from higher body temperature to lower body temperature through electro magnetic radiation. The heat or fuel is generally used as an emitter and electrically heated filament as a emitting body, the tungsten is generally used as filament as it provide grater surface area when coiled. The infrared heater emits up to 86% of the input energy, these appliances are getting more famous these days because it is cost effective, energy saver, and is not complicated. The types of infrared heaters are basically dependent on the classification of their wavelength they emit which is near infrared heater that is popularly known as (NIR), carbon infrared heater (CIR), and Far infrared heater (FIR) and other heater like ceramic, medium wave and short wave infrared heaters .The most common equipment used by the people are the heating plates, heat lamps, ceramic infrared heat system, quartz heat lamps, quartz tungsten, carbon heaters and gas fired etc. The infrared heaters are mostly used in the industrial manufacturing process like heating plastic, plastic welding, processing glass and cooking and browning food. These infrared heaters are also used in protecting the sulking animals whose mothers cannot provide warmth. In recent days these infrared heaters are also being sold for house use and medical benefits.

As these infrared heaters are becoming popular throughout the world but many people are still not aware about its uses and mechanism. The infrared heaters are being used on a large scale by the large & small scale industries and have the potential to contribute a lot to the society and people.